Introducing Dr. Imam



My name is Dr Waseem Imam, I’m a board-certified physician with specialities in Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, Internal Medicine, and Obesity Medicine.

I live in the world of allergy: how the immune system interacts with the environment.

My field leads me into several diseases, ranging from skin issues (hives and eczema), lung issues (sinusitis, asthma, reactive airway diseases), and food reactions (food allergies, angioedema, GI issues).

I love figuring out cross-reactivities between allergies, and how best to desensitize to one's allergies. I focus on diagnosis (what are you allergic to and how are you reacting) and treatment (how to I cure this?). Difficult manifestations of allergies always interested me, from seasonal allergies to advanced life-threatening reactions like anaphylaxis

What I enjoy most of my field is the ability to figure out the trigger to someone’s reactions, and retraining their immune system, and thus “curing” the allergy. I also get to see a wide range of patient ages, since allergies affect everyone.

If you or a loved one has allergy-related issues, I’d love to see you at Cure Allergy Clinic.

Introducing Dr. Imam

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