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Our board-certified specialist and staff at Cure Allergy Clinic are exceptionally experienced in providing relief and control for both acute and chronic conditions including allergies, asthma, eczema, and sinusitis, and more. From fast testing to effective and individualized treatment plans, our expert team is committed to helping you manage and control your symptoms or complications that may arise.

Contact our friendly staff today to see how our professionals at Cure Allergy Clinic is providing efficient alleviation and management for allergy, asthma, and other medical conditions in Arlington and surrounding Prairies and Lakes communities of Texas.

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Conditions We Treat

Our Arlington staff works hard and diligently to ensure your allergies and asthma flare-ups are under control and well managed.

We offer testing and treatments for the following conditions including but not limited to:

  • Allergies: The symptoms of any form of allergies can manifest so severely, that the discomfort of recurrent coughing, itching, and sneezing may at times hinder your quality of life. Our rapid testing can detect potential food and environmental allergens affecting your immune system, and our allergy relief protocol includes well-studied allergy tests & treatments.
  • Asthma: Whether it is childhood or adult asthma, our specialists can help you control your symptoms and prevent your chronic respiratory system from causing life-threatening complications. Inquire with our office to learn more about our asthma treatments such as allergy drops, biologic medications, and allergen immunotherapy.
  • Sinusitis: Also known as a sinus infection, this develops when mucus builds up inside the sinuses. It is usually caused by allergies or when viruses spread to your sinuses. Treatments include allergy shots and sublingual drops.
  • Chronic Cough: When persistent coughing becomes a nuisance in your daily life, it may be cause for a checkup with a specialist to determine the possible factor behind your chronic cough. Our subcutaneous immunotherapy, or allergy shots can help with chronic cough relief.
  • Eczema: The overreaction resulting from eczema often leaves the skin red, itchy, and inflamed. Our skin allergy experts can aid in determining what exactly could be triggering your outbreaks, and can provide you with treatment plans to help with your condition, which may include medicated creams/lotions, allergy drops, allergy shots, or even steroid medications.
  • Food Allergies: Our office offers sublingual therapy (allergy drops) and food desensitization to address food allergies.

The Benefits of Early Prevention

Detecting the potential allergens affecting your body and overall health provides beneficial information in preventing medical conditions from debilitating you in the long run. Early prevention is key in ensuring the chances of risks and potentially life-threatening incidents resulting from allergies are kept at an all-time low. Additionally, some of our treatments utilize safely-controlled substance control to help manage certain allergies and help your immune system from slowly getting comfortable in certain levels of the allergen present in your body.

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Our Goal Is Simple We Solve Your Allergy Issues

We have many flexible options to desensitize your allergies and go above and beyond to test and create treatments that are just right for your allergies with no side affects.

    Very Pleased With The Medical Care

    “Dr. Imam and his team at Cure Allergy Clinic are fantastic! I am very pleased with the medical care I received. I only have good things to say :)”

    - Yusra
    Very Knowledgeable, Thorough & Caring

    “I found that Dr. Imam was very knowledgeable, thorough, and caring, and instantly felt comfortable and confident I had made the right decision to try this practice. He took the time to provide explanations that no other doctor has ever provided.”

    - Kim
    Very Thorough

    “I had a great experience here. They were able to do allergy testing on the same visit and gave several good treatment options. They are very thorough and I highly recommend them!”

    - Gayle
    Wonderful Experience

    “This was my first time at this clinic, which is always risky. But it was such a wonderful experience. Everyone was prompt, helpful and very kind! The atmosphere was great, and I will definitely continue using them.”

    - Jenna
    Top-Notch Team

    “Great first visit... from the front desk staff, medical assistant, and physician... Top-notch and the doctor taught me things about my allergies and their process which is refreshing.”

    - Marcus

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  • More Cost Effective Treatments

    Helping our patients by offering affordable treatments

  • Medications Made for Your Needs

    We strive to optimize your regimen

  • Same Day Appointments Available

    Patients need to be off allergy medication for 4-7 days for best outcomes

  • We Treat the Heart of the Problem

    Via immunotherapy, we focus on the disease and not just the symptoms