Pricing Be happy. Be healthy. Be allergy free.

Self Pay Pricing for Allergy Treatments

Be happy. Be healthy. Be allergy free.

We understand healthcare pricing can get out of control, therefore at Cure Allergy Clinic we strive to make our care effective and affordable.

Our goal is to control your symptoms, get you off your daily medications, and reduce your healthcare costs in the long run.

First, we believe it is important to understand the cost of having uncontrolled allergies.

We estimate the average yearly costs for uncontrolled allergy suffer as follows:

This can add up to $4,000 yearly! Most importantly, it does not include the impact to your quality of life, which cannot be quantified in dollars.

Below is a summary of what to expect at Cure Allergy Clinic.

At Cure Allergy Clinic, we participate with most major insurance plans in the DFW area. Here is a list of insurances we take. Don't see your insurance company or self-paying? We provide competitive and affordable rates to you.

Office Visit

  • New Patient visit: $160. This will be your first visit at Cure Allergy Clinic where you will be seen by a Board-Certified Allergist.
  • Established Patient visit: $120. This will be the cost of any follow up visits you have. We estimate you will have 2-3 follow up visits per year.

If you are using your insurance, the office visit will be subject to your plan benefits, which will be subject to deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance.

Allergy Testing & Treatment

  • Testing: The cost for environmental allergy testing for most patients is $300. We use our own standardized testing panel which covers most common inhalant allergens in the North Texas area, including trees, grasses, weeds, molds, dust mites, and animals (pets). Cost may be slightly higher for some patients who require further testing.
    • The cost for food allergy testing is $10 per food.
  • Treatment: At Cure Allergy Clinic, we offer Allergy Injections and Allergy Drops (CureSLIT) for Immunotherapy. Each treatment is customized and personalized specifically for your unique allergies.

Allergy Injections

  • Allergy Injections Vial: The cost for allergy injections depends on number on allergies being treated. The average cost for the production of your first allergy injection vial is $600, which is expected to last one year. Some patients may require multiple injection vials.For each following year, the average cost for the production of an allergy injection goes down to $300.
    • If you wish to use your insurance, the cost for production of allergy injection vials may be partly or fully covered by your insurance plan. We will help you navigate through your insurance benefits.
  • Allergy Injections: The average cost for allergy injection administration is $10. Most patients are scheduled for weekly injections in their first year in the program.

Allergy Drops (CureSLIT)

CureSLIT (Allergy Drops) program costs $60 per month. Your first set of vials will last 3 months. You will be scheduled for an office visit before each refill for an assessment and potential dose increases. CureSLIT is not covered by insurance.

For more questions about costs, feel free to contact us!

Care Credit can be used to finance your payments.

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