Improving Your Spring Allergy Symptoms


Helping You Breathe Easier This Spring

Spring is in full bloom here in Texas, which means great weather and the possibility of an allergy attack for spring allergy sufferers. We understand that for those who have lived with allergies all their lives, it can be difficult to find relief. For many of our patients, simply remembering to keep their home clean and taking over-the-counter medication isn’t enough to keep their symptoms at bay for a prolonged period of time.


Keep reading to learn how our specialists at Cure Allergy Clinic can help manage your allergies, leading to the relief you’ve been seeking all season long.

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Symptoms

If you suffer from spring allergies, it can feel impossible to avoid coming in contact with pollen, grass, and other environmental substances that can heighten your symptoms. Use these tips to limit your exposure to outdoor allergens:

  • Keep an eye on the weather.
  • Track high-pollen hours.
  • Wash your body and clothes when you get home.
  • Make sure your home is as allergy-free as possible.
  • Keep windows and doors closed.
  • Build up your immunity with allergy treatments.

Seeking Treatment for Allergy Relief

If you’ve tried allergy medicine to no avail, it’s time for advanced allergy remedies. At Cure Allergy Clinic, our team draws on a range of holistic and innovative methods, providing personalized treatment options and compassionate care to adults and children alike. We go beyond treating your symptoms after an allergy attack— working to manage them daily and prevent flare-ups from ever happening.

Here are a few treatment options we recommend for lasting relief:

CureSLIT Allergy Drops

We use a unique form of sublingual immunotherapy called CureSLIT to treat seasonal allergies, asthma, sinus issues, rhinitis, animal allergies, and eczema. For many patients suffering from allergies, their symptoms extend beyond simply having hay fever.

This is why our special blend is geared to address the additional conditions that can occur alongside seasonal allergies. CureSLIT can help put your allergies in remission, so when the drops are stopped, the allergy is still gone!

How Often Do I Need to Take Drops?

The treatment involves placing a few drops of protein-purified protein extract under the tongue a few times a day. Relief is usually felt in 4-6 months as well (2 bottles worth), sometimes sooner or later depending on the number of allergies one has.

CureSLIT is safe for home use, therefore it offers a convenient, needleless alternative for allergy shots. We use the same extracts in the allergy drops as we would use in the allergy shots.

Allergy Shots

Allergy shots act like a vaccine, triggering your body's immune response to fight allergies naturally. They are a method of long-term treatment that helps to decrease symptoms for patients with severe allergies.

Shots can correct more allergies than CureSLIT, even though both of them can treat several allergens at the same time. Our doctor administers a tiny amount of an allergen extract where the doses will increase over time, gradually building up your immunity to the allergen. Allergy shots happen in two phases:

  • Build-up phase: With the build-up phase, each injection dose gets stronger and stronger as your body builds up a tolerance. During this phase, the patient generally comes into the office once a week.
  • Maintenance phase: During the maintenance phase, the shots get more and more spread out. At this point, a patient comes in once every 2-3 weeks.

Advanced Medication Management

In addition to shots and drops, we offer an array of medication management plans to better control your symptoms. Medications may also be used with our immunotherapy process, to give short-term relief while also treating the underlying cause. We offer options from inhalers, sprays, and creams to advanced biologics treatment for more advanced diseases.

These medications are safe, more powerful options for advanced allergic disease, and are normally only provided and overseen by a specialist.

Dedicated Arlington Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Specialists

At Cure Allergy Clinic, our team specializes in diagnosing and treating short-term and chronic allergy and asthma conditions, including:

  • Environmental allergies.
  • Food allergies.
  • Asthma.
  • Eczema.
  • Sinusitis.

We are proud to be a trusted resource for high-quality integrative care for patients in and around Arlington, Texas, including the communities of Dallas, Irving, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Coppell, and Fort Worth.

Start seeking the relief you need to breathe easier and manage your allergies today by scheduling your first consultation with our team.
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