Getting Ahead of Your Spring Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

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Early Treatment for Your Spring Allergies

Spring is in the air — which means pollen is too! While the peak of allergy season is still a bit away, it’s important to start preparing now so you can enjoy all the warm-weathered fun your heart desires without lingering allergy symptoms.

The best solution? A mix of lifestyle changes and treatment from our team at Cure Allergy Clinic.

Start Your Spring Cleaning Early

After the holidays and colder winter months, spring cleaning is a great way to give your home a reset. It’s also a great way to reduce the indoor allergens caught in your home, such as pet dander, dust, mold, and other irritants. Make sure to clean all surfaces and rooms thoroughly — especially bedrooms and other common spaces.

Throughout the day, environmental allergens tend to get tracked in the house on your clothing. When you go to sit down after work, school, or play, these allergens also get stuck to your furniture. So, you should also be mindful to wash up when you return home, and change your clothes to avoid spreading pollen, cedar, and other irritants around your house.

Maintain Your HVAC

It’s important to keep your AC maintained so that you don’t have to rely on open windows for a cool breeze. With your windows open, you’ll let outdoor allergens such as cedar pollen blow right into your living spaces.

When you turn your heating and cooling unit (HVAC) on for the season, it’s normal for there to be dust and other environmental allergens stuck in the filter. Changing the filter will help keep your indoor air as clean as possible. This will help keep indoor allergens and environmental allergens at bay, allowing you to breathe easier.

Track Pollen Counts

Some spring days can be worse than others for allergy sufferers — and this largely has to do with pollen counts and wind. On a high pollen count day, more green, yellow pollen tends to be visibly stuck to cars and flowing through the air. If you know you plan to do outdoor work or enjoy time outside with friends and family, check the pollen count beforehand. This will help you prepare.

Wear Protective Clothing

On a windy spring day, you’re almost guaranteed to have worse allergy symptoms due to pollen blowing in the breeze. If you plan to spend time outside, consider wearing sunglasses and a hat. This will help protect your eyes from pollen, and your hat will help keep it away from your face as well.

Start Allergy Treatments

At Cure Allergy Clinic, our goal is to help you improve your life daily by eliminating your allergies — not just treating the symptoms of allergies. Using over-the-counter allergy medications may stop your water eyes or stuffy nose in the moment, but it’s not a permanent solution.

Instead, our team offers immunotherapy options such as allergy drops and allergy shots to help target the allergens that your immune system reacts to, and build up a tolerance against them.

CureSLIT Allergy Drops

Specifically designed for Cure Allergy Clinic, our own CureSLIT allergy drops are one of the best ways to seek relief for your springtime allergies. It’s important to start allergy treatments early in the season so your immune system has time to start building up resistance before the peak of pollen season.

Advanced Medication Options

In addition to shots and drops, we offer an array of medication management plans to better control your symptoms. Medications can be used alongside our immunotherapy process to give short-term relief while also treating the underlying cause.

We offer options from inhalers, sprays, and creams to advanced biologics treatment for more advanced diseases. These medications are safe, more powerful options for advanced allergic disease, and are normally only provided and overseen by a specialist. However, the key is to seek treatment now to start feeling relief throughout the spring and summer.

Dedicated Arlington Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Specialists

At }, our team specializes in diagnosing and treating short-term and chronic allergy and asthma conditions, including:

  • Environmental allergies.
  • Food allergies.
  • Asthma.
  • Eczema.
  • Sinusitis.

We are proud to be a trusted resource for high-quality integrative care for patients in and around Arlington, Texas, including the communities of Dallas, Irving, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Coppell, and Fort Worth.

Start seeking the relief you need to breathe easier and manage your allergies today by scheduling your first consultation with our team.

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